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The meaning of empathy is that one is able to understand another person by being able to place oneself in his or her position.
By realizing the transcendental, one places oneself in the universal nature of all facets and factors of existence.
Thereby one attains an empathic relationship with the (quantum) fabric of reality, awakening to the natural laws of harmony (Dharma).
This is the origin of yogic wisdom.
This is transcendental empathy.

10/06/2021 Sketch: The Lords of the Violet Flame
Sketching the first chapter of The Lords of the Violet Flame.

10/04/2021 Publication Lions of Virtue
Aviilokinkshi.net is launched today while announcing the publication of Lions of Virtue Part One: The Warrior and the Child. Read the preview or see Publications.

Lions of Virtue is a contemplative vision on the the mystical state of being at one with Tao, the eternal "Way" cultivated for millennia by Taoist mystics in the mountains of ancient China. Rather than trying to explain the "Way that cannot be spoken", in the silent heart of the oldest most esoteric teaching in the East, the author illustrates these ancient precepts in a fictional tale written in rhythmic prose with elements of Early-modern English, a phonetic device that works well here. Lions of Virtue is also a parable for our times of the long running battle between the forces of the Dark and the Light that is now looming in our world.

Daniel Reid, bestselling author of the Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity