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The meaning of empathy is that one is able to understand another person by being able to place oneself in his or her position.
By realizing the transcendental, one places oneself in the universal nature of all facets and factors of existence.
Thereby one attains an empathic relationship with the (quantum) fabric of reality, awakening to the natural laws of harmony (Dharma).
This is the origin of yogic wisdom.
This is transcendental empathy.

Daughter of Xiu (Click for Preview)
04/07/2021 Publication Daughter of Xiu

Li Chen has memories of a past life in which she was a female Taoist warrior of high esoteric self-cultivation. In this poetic short story she draws upon the power she finds within herself to fight herself free of the oppression that her traditional society imposes upon her gender.
Daughter of Xiu is for those who enjoy a mystical story written not in colloquial form but in poetic metre, meaning the sentence structure is based on phonetic harmony. This book will teach the meaning of stillness, and reveals how the ancient Taoist mystics of China read the secrets of nature.

Lions of Virtue I: The Warrior and the Child (Click for Preview)
08/04/2021 Publication Lions of Virtue

In the deep of the night, Na'kar Runelayer finds a small flickering diamond hidden in the silvern light of the moon, a diamond that he will come to know as the Seventh Tear. An ancient solemn vow awakens from within his heart — a vow he has made before he was ever born. He begins his wandering in the wild...

Lions of Virtue is a meditative journey that reveals spiritual wisdom with every step, an expression of the Taoist way of being that the author remembers of his former lifetimes devoted to this ancient form of Chinese mysticism. This book will be appreciated by those who have an appetite for spirituality, ancientry, mythology, and poetry. The poetic metre of Lions of Virtue is inspired by the author's spiritual Stillness.