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Following the 2021 Myanmar coup d'état, Hanna Yuri participated in the anti-coup movement both in person at rallies and through social media channels with 1.3 million followers. She joined the "We Want Justice" three-finger salute movement. The movement, launched on social media, has been joined by many celebrities. As a result, Hanna Yuri was blacklisted by the military junta for inciting unrest against the state and threatening "public tranquillity" through social media posts. As a target of the military junta, she fled to Thailand afterwards, and was able to fly to South Korea via Bangkok.

She appeared in several South Korean news programs to speak out about the situation in Myanmar. Hanna Yuri said that after the military came to power, demonstrators were suppressed aggressively. In addition to torturing arrested persons and sexually assaulting women, they also cut off the Internet to prevent news from spreading abroad.

Hanna Yuri donated 100,000 won for Mindat clashes. The Global Influencer Network (GIN) announced that Hanna Yuri was selected as the Influencer of the month for June 2021.

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Source: Wikipedia.

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