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The Natashas by Victor Malarek
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Half a million women are forced into sex slavery every year through human trafficking. In his book The Natashas journalist Victor Malarek reveals how impoverished women from all over the East Bloc are lured into vans and onto airplanes with promises of jobs as waitresses, models, nannies, dishwashers, maids, and dancers, they are then stripped of their identification, and their brutal nightmare begins. They are sold into prostitution and kept enslaved; those who resist are beaten, raped, and sometimes killed. They often have nowhere to turn. In many cases, the men who should be rescuing them —immigration officials, police officers, or international peacekeepers— are among their most hostile aggressors. The worldwide traffic in human beings is already a crisis of epic proportions, and it continues to grow. Victor Malarek here exposes the global phenomenon of sexual trafficking, a form of twenty-first century slavery and a multibillion-dollar industry whose scope has, until now, remained largely unknown. The Natashas is an indispensable and startling call to action to seek out institutional corruption and to put a stop to this heinous crime against humanity.
Please also see: Coallition Against Trafficking in Women and Coallition on Human Trafficking.

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