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Consciousness Discrimination: Aviilokín K'shi talks about the phenomenon of discrimination not against skin colour, but against a person's level and state of consciousness and offers a simple practice to go beyond this issue.

Wheel Immortal: Aviilokín K'shi has written a poem about the decline of Dharma, foretold by Buddha about two-thousand years ago. Aviilokín K'shi became inspired to write this poem after having lived a life of receiving severe discrimination for his humble inborn mystical qualities. Not just from ordinary mainstream people, but also from monks, nuns and lay-followers of the wisdom traditions of the East, taking offence at the fact Aviilokín K'shi is spiritual without religion and in general not understanding his humble level of mystical self-realization.

Stellar Second: Aviilokín K'shi recites a poem from Lions of Virtue, uttered by the character Amdor as he is about to die. He speaks of the years of his life in terms of a mere "stellar second".

Verse of Prophecy: Aviilokín K'shi recites a poem from Lions of Virtue, where Mashera speaks the ancient Verse of Prophecy unto Na'kar.

The Song of the Wanderer: Aviilokín K'shi recites a poem from his book Lions of Virtue.

Immortal Water: Meditation music by Aviilokín K'shi. Played with an Indian bansuri flute.

Orphan Melodies: Aviilokín K'shi recites a poem (Orphan Melodies) from his book, Lions of Virtue. In the book, this poem is spoken by the character Anaka, an orphan whom has questions of both her physical origin and the nature of Selfhood.

Transcendental Homeostasis: Aviilokín K'shi talks about "transcendental homeostasis". Read the accompanying text.

The Natural Function of Identity: Due to the Taoist capacity of transcendetnal empathy, Aviilokín K'shi entered into deeper communion with the fabric of reality, experiencing the natural function of identity.


The Virtue of Transcendental Empathy on Spiritual Media Blog: Spiritual Media Blog features a guest article by Aviilokín K'shi on the virtue of transcendental empathy, the means by which the ancient Taoists attained a mystical communion with the fabric of reality.