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Dao De Jing: Gateway into Nature

At least 2,400 years ago, the fabled Chinese sage Lao Zi composed Dao De Jing, portraying 81 verses that act as a guide for attaining a mystical attunement with the principles of nature, and became the foremost text of the Taoist philosophy. The Dao De Jing reflects back upon wisdom that was already very ancient even in that time, and yet its profundity continues to remain relevant even in this day. During his mystical journey through China, Aviilokín K'shi was recognized by a Taoist master as having been a Taoist mystic in his previous lifetimes. Aviilokín K'shi uses his inborn mystical sensitivity to call upon the Taoist cultivation that still continuates within his soul to interpret and explain this very ancient text for the benefit of our contemporary world.

Dao De Jing lives up to its claim of taking the reader on a journey beyond the realm of what we believe to be the truth. The commentaries are extremely helpful for clarity and understanding.

Readers Favorite 5-star review (by Natalie Soine)

Daughter of Xiu

Li Chen has memories of a past life in which she was a female Taoist warrior of high esoteric self-cultivation. In this poetic short story she draws upon the power she finds within herself to fight herself free of the oppression that her traditional society imposes upon her gender.
Daughter of Xiu is for those who enjoy a mystical story written not in colloquial form but in poetic metre, meaning the sentence structure is based on phonetic harmony. This book will teach the meaning of stillness, and reveals how the ancient Taoist mystics of China read the secrets of nature.

Aviilokín K'shi presents the literary world with a stunning piece of work. Daughter of Xiu carries all of the hallmarks of classic narrative poetry. The rhetorical device of parallelism is employed with exceptional skill and the allegory that runs for the entirety of the story dances between transcendent experiences and the reality of daily living.

Readers Favorite 5-star review (by Asher Syed)

Lions of Virtue I: The Warrior and the Child

In the deep of the night, Na'kar Runelayer finds a small flickering diamond hidden in the silvern light of the moon, a diamond that he will come to know as the Seventh Tear. An ancient solemn vow awakens from within his heart — a vow he has made before he was ever born. He begins his wandering in the wild...

Lions of Virtue is a contemplative vision on the the mystical state of being at one with Tao, the eternal "Way" cultivated for millennia by Taoist mystics in the mountains of ancient China. Rather than trying to explain the "Way that cannot be spoken", in the silent heart of the oldest most esoteric teaching in the East, the author illustrates these ancient precepts in a fictional tale written in rhythmic prose with elements of Early-modern English, a phonetic device that works well here. Lions of Virtue is also a parable for our times of the long running battle between the forces of the Dark and the Light that is now looming in our world.

Daniel Reid, bestselling author of the Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity

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